Day 25

Blog Announcement:  We will be moving the blog to a different host as of December 1.  If you are not subscribed via email and want to continue to receive posts then subscribe now.  All email subscribers will transfer over.  We will keep all of our old posts on this site so they will still be available.

From yesterday: In order to learn something from our outbursts, we need to be willing to rigorously examine ourselves in the aftermath.

This includes: making a mental note of the things that trigger us. What kinds of things create unnecessarily large emotional reactions within us? Is there a pattern? When have I reacted this way to this kind of situation before? Have my reactions to this kind of situation always been this strong? Why or why not? If not, what has changed?

Perhaps today you can reflect on a situation you have some emotional distance from and try asking yourself these questions.

If we can answer questions like this then, hopefully, we gain some insight into what kinds of things are likely to send us spiraling out of control.


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