Day 13

Joy.  Creativity.  Delight.  Thriving.  Energy.  Enthusiasm.


They do NOT like to hang out with shame, and shame does everything she can to kick them to the curb.  But you know what causes shame to run for the hills?  Love!  This past year love has really broken my heart –  every rip and tear came at the hands of shame – either external or internal.

Day 13.png

But love has also knit my heart back together.  The disappointment that my father felt over my decision to come back to Richmond for the birth of Christian took its toll.  But my brother Bob, sister Deb and their children – Kaitlin and Brett, Tori, Robby and my own – Meredith and Nick, Scott and Brittany, Michael and my husband Pete along with dear, dear friends refused to let shame into our hut.  My dear friend Juanita listened to me for hours and hours, as I lamented, questioned my own judgment and grieved the loss of not only my mom, but in many ways the family structure that she had fostered.  My sister/friend Jean having gone through her own mother’s passing, provided me insights that only raw experience gives.  My friend Kelly was a text away.  People sent cards.  Flowers.  Food.  Called.  Hugged.  Endured endless listening sessions.  In the above picture I’m wearing a beautiful necklace, handmade by a friend and delivered on one of those low days when shame was yapping at my heels and I could feel it’s hot, stinky breath. Yes, things were lost and yes, things were found.


Can you think of an example in your own life when shame came a’callin’ but your tribe politely sent it packing?


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