Day 1

Ode to Joy


Have I mentioned lately how old I am?  I am old!  I don’t care because part of being old means that along with the aches and pains of aging mixed with a STRONG compulsion to go to bed at 8 p.m., there is the possibility that a grandchild might arrive in my life!  This happened to me and I find I am loving old age with a side order of grandson!  (Truth be told, he’s kind of my main dish, except for Pete of course!)  Who can resist that cuteness?

mom and christian

My grandson re-introduced me to joy.  Before Christian’s arrival, our family had experienced a series of sad, confusing and downright heartbreaking series of life events.  Nothing out of the ordinary, but a few knocks here and a couple of bruises there and I had lost my joy.  I know I know!  Aren’t we faithful folk supposed to have joy joy joy down in our hearts all the time?  I’ve been told that but I don’t believe it.  Life can be hard and sometimes joy slips off in the middle of the night with such stealth that I, for one, didn’t notice it was missing – until this little bundle of love arrived.


Joy washes over me in his presence like a good caffeine rush (I THINK I can remember that feeling from my youth).  Image not working for you?  How about this.  Every minute with this little peanut (ok, big peanut) is like that feeling I get when I can finally fit back into my skinny jeans after a long season of not being able to get them over my thighs.  YES!  That much joy!!!


Now that I’ve got my groove going and I am tapped into joy from my tippy toes to the top of my head…. I’ve had the energy to consider what exactly went missing (absence of joy was a symptom) and why.  We’ll be talking about that in this series.


  1.  I have many more pictures of that little chunky monkey if you would like me to show you – just ask!  I’ll come to your office with my slide presentation.  Or, I make home visits.  🙂

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