Day 27

Helen Keller said, “Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into the light.”  That’s quite beautiful.  I wonder if it feels too high falutin’ to have relevance for your life.  Here are some examples of how I have seen people exercise their faith:


  • I know a woman who has a son who is living on the street and every day she fears he is dead, starving, too cold or too hot depending on the season.  Does she fret herself into an ulcer?  Not anymore.  Instead, she serves on the hospitality team in our community and she feeds our brothers who are at The Healing Place (a local treatment facility) who come to NSC on weekends.  It is her next right step.  At Christmas, she helps us stuff stockings filled with socks, gloves, hats and Christmas candy.  Right now she cannot reach her boy, but she is reaching out to other people’s boys and doing as she can.


  • I know a guy whose dad passed away when he was a teenager.  He says that there isn’t much he can remember about his dad to help guide him as he parents his own children.  Instead of using this as an excuse to abdicate his parental responsibilities, he has gone to great lengths to find mentors and figure out what it means to be a father.  Today, his children are grateful for his parental presence and he’s a top notch granddaddy too.


If you ask these folks, neither one feels particularly great about their efforts.  They HOPE they are doing enough.  They are practicing their faith – believing that God is in the business of life and restoration.  I’m not sure either will ever have the FEELINGS that I think they should have about their efforts.  But maybe that’s why they are such great examples of practicing a faith that believes that life can get better, that there are alternative solutions when our preferred methods fail.


What can you do today that supports your beliefs?


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