Day 24

Recently a group of us were bemoaning the confusing, chaotic, and inadequate response on all levels to a family in crisis.  We don’t have a proverbial Red Cross for families who implode due to prolonged stress, mental health issues and/or substance use disorders.  When my house was partially crushed by a tree during a hurricane everyone knew how to help us.  They brought coolers of water, recharged our cellphones, loaned us a car.  We haven’t quite figured out how to do that for situations are that are less tangible.


The ONE THING that I know we CANNOT DO is this:  ignore the problem and say nothing, avoid the situation and do nothing, don’t offer or ask for help.


So can we please just try to help each other out?  Just for today…. We could invite each other out for coffee and only listen to one another.  We could take a casserole over just because.  We could score some extra tickets to an event and insist our friends go out.  What else could we do?


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