Day 22

According to Debra Jay, researchers learned that illiterate students had a problem with reading NOT because they couldn’t read, but as a result of being taught to believe that they were inadequate.  In the study she sighted, these students proved capable of reading sentences IN CHINESE when researchers switched out the alphabets!  You studied any Chinese characters before?  Way more difficult than our English alphabet!


Who is slowing down progress on problem solving in areas of live that affect you?  Is it you?  Is it someone else?  The best thing to do when this happens is not to berate or belittle,  but find ways to add a source of gentle strength to the problem solving dynamic.


I have a friend who will say to me on days when I am stressed out – “We can do hard things!”  I love the affirmation and the WE!!!  WE need to help one another regain balance, hope, and the capacity to solve tough problems together!


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