Day 27

In recent months I’ve taken a pretty narrow approach to the devotionals.  I’ve written almost exclusively on spiritual matters.  This month, I’m going to try something new.  I’m going to broaden the scope and try to expose you all to other people and what they’re saying on all matters recovery.  Each day I’ll give a link to an article or video and provide some brief commentary.


Article:  Strategies for dealing with anger and resentment


My thoughts:  This is a helpful article for thinking through ways of dealing with anger and resentment.  Much of the advice pushes us towards self-awareness and making more conscious choices about how we react to our triggers.  It’s simple and quick- but I suspect there are years worth of work contained in this wisdom.  My only problem with this article is the way it talks about power and control in the context of anger and resentment.  It’s very common to talk about angry outbursts directed at others as “giving away your control”.  This article, too, affirms this type of thinking.  While this may be true, I don’t find this helpful because, ultimately, it’s a way of affirming our control issues.  If we have problems with control, we don’t need to learn how to think about keeping our control, or keeping our power, we need to learn how to choose a different lens to funnel our life experiences through.  So, perhaps we choose the lens of respect.  How do we treat others with respect even when they don’t deserve it?  How do we model respect for people who don’t treat us respectfully?  People don’t treat us more respectfully because we lash out at them in anger, people only learn virtues through seeing them modeled.


We need not concern ourselves with how much control and power we have.  We need to consider what type of world we want to live in, and act in accordance with these values.


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