Day 26

In recent months I’ve taken a pretty narrow approach to the devotionals.  I’ve written almost exclusively on spiritual matters.  This month, I’m going to try something new.  I’m going to broaden the scope and try to expose you all to other people and what they’re saying on all matters recovery.  Each day I’ll give a link to an article or video and provide some brief commentary.


Article: How to know if your relationships are healthy


My thoughts:  I talk to many people who are anxious because they’re really not quite sure whether or not their relationships are truly healthy.  Sometimes, we’re worried that we are not healthy and are holding a relationship back.  Sometimes, we’re a bit confused by the person we’re in relationship with and are skeptical of their behavior, but not sure if we have a right to judge it as being “unhealthy”.  How do we define health?  What qualities allow relationships to flourish and thrive?  This article helps us to begin to answer these questions.


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