Day 22

In recent months I’ve taken a pretty narrow approach to the devotionals.  I’ve written almost exclusively on spiritual matters.  This month, I’m going to try something new.  I’m going to broaden the scope and try to expose you all to other people and what they’re saying on all matters recovery.  Each day I’ll give a link to an article or video and provide some brief commentary.


Story: Adult Child Copes With New Information About Father


My thoughts:  This story reminds me of something I’ve been processing lately.  Parents are quick to recognize what they perceive are betrayals from their children.  They are less likely, it seems, to think about the ways in which their living betrays their children.  Why is this?  Is it denial?  Do we come up with justifications that let us off the hook?  As parents, do we see marital infidelity as a betrayal to the spouse alone, without regard for the children?  Do we convince ourselves that the infidelity is justified because our spouse doesn’t want to have sex anymore?  Or because we don’t love them anymore?  Or because they’ve let themselves go?  Does any of this actually excuse infidelity?  Does it excuse the torment that it inflicts upon children?


I’ve talked to many, many adults about how hurt they were by their parents’ infidelities only to find out that they, too, were not faithful in their marriages.


To me, this all comes to this:  To what extent will we resent someone else’s wrongdoing while excusing our own?  This is one of the key questions we must address in order to be people of faith in modern society.


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