Day 18

In recent months I’ve taken a pretty narrow approach to the devotionals.  I’ve written almost exclusively on spiritual matters.  This month, I’m going to try something new.  I’m going to broaden the scope and try to expose you all to other people and what they’re saying on all matters recovery.  Each day I’ll give a link to an article or video and provide some brief commentary.


Video:  Option B:  Talking Loss and Hardship


My thoughts:  There’s nothing new here necessarily, but it’s a good reminder of things we need to be constantly reminded of.  It’s hard to talk about your pain when you’re suffering and it’s hard to know what to say to someone who is suffering.  Often, we let our anxiety push us into silence.  If we’re the suffering person we may not want to “weigh others down” and if we’re the person who loves the suffering then we may not want to “remind” them of what they’re going through.  Neither anxiety helps.  When we’re suffering, it’s important to learn to share that suffering.  When we’re around suffering people, we need to learn sincere and gentle ways of reminding the suffering person that we care.  The video suggests the question, “How is today going?” or, “How are you today?”  instead of, “How are you doing?”  Suffering people aren’t doing well- so the first two questions let the other person know that we know that they aren’t doing well and they have permission to talk about how they’re doing in the context of their overall suffering.


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