Day 10

So far this month we’ve wrestled with describing the kind of community that is helpful for folks who need to confess stuff; a place that is healthy and safe for people who need support and encouragement.  In theory – isn’t that all of us?  But in practice, not everyone sees it that way.  There are people who are not healthy, who cannot acknowledge when they have done something wrong or that they should ever bend to the preferences of another.  In these cases, does it matter what kind of community we create because no matter what, it won’t be helpful to them?


I would argue that it matters a TON.


Whether we are talking about a faith community, a family, a workplace or any other structure where two or more gather for the common good – it actually DOES matter what kind of “family” we build even if there are members who are unable (or unwilling) to contribute to the needs and wellbeing of others.


Let’s take a pause and let this sink in:

  1. In every community – whether small or large, program driven or relationship oriented, there will ALWAYS be folks who are unwilling or unable to support the mission of the organization because they are not willing or able to contribute to the needs and wellbeing of others.  No matter who preaches, what style of music, how many small groups or what materials one studies – some people will only be able to receive.
  2. When this inevitable truth is revealed – problems will arise.


Tomorrow, we are going to work on a hopefully inspired way of seeing that allows for the beauty and the beast of this reality without having to throw in the towel and give up in despair.



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