Day 9

The Presidential election almost killed us, but we managed to survive in spite of ourselves.  We are NOT a homogeneous group.  Here’s what Kathy wrote on the subject:


“Cultivating a community values diversity not homogeneity.  This means holding the tension of a wide variety of differences together and honoring that true unity is not uniformity. It’s recognizing the image of God in each and every person and the value that that person, with their unique beliefs, perspectives, gifts, and experiences, brings to the community. Whew, that’s hard to do, but to me a big tent [is] one of the prettiest parts of community.”


We had Bernie lovers and haters, Hillary haters and lovers and Trump lovers and haters in our midst.  But here’s what we also had.  Years and years of loving each other despite our political leanings.


It was hard.  But we managed to make it through relatively unscathed.  Not everyone can handle this much diversity – and that’s cool too.  There are plenty of communities that have absolutely NO diversity.


We have equally difficult challenges with different philosophies related to recovery.  Frankly, there’s not much we can agree on!


But here’s how Kathy summed up her article and I think our community agrees,
“No matter how big or small, I always love hearing about community dreams and experiments people are trying in beautiful and creative ways, little glimpses of the kingdom of God.

There all kinds of people dedicated to building churches, and this isn’t to dismiss their work. But I also want to highlight in the world of faith shifts and resistance and deep pain and disconnection and struggle, oh, we need more communities. Messy, beautiful, slow, weird, inefficient, holy, healing ones.”


Friends, it is all hard.  But this is the work Jesus called us to participate with Him in.  Serving and suffering with one another.  Loving large.  Risking getting our feelings hurt.  Getting our feelings hurt.  It’s a beautiful thing.


Tomorrow we get move from theory to practice, which will include an application of our beloved sixth step of the 12 of AA “We were entirely ready to have God remove our defects of character.”  A really big step!


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