Day 8

This is a tough one.  But here goes… ”Cultivating a community usually doesn’t provide financial stability. I laugh sometimes that if we could get a big church’s coffee budget for the year, our burdens would be lifted. Certain formulas do inspire finances! I have found that most of the community cultivators I know struggle financially, and I think accepting that reality can be helpful. It does mean we have to be really creative (and sometimes that is extra tiring).”


Oh boy, don’t we know that is a truth!  Maybe that’s why Easter egg drops make me twitchy.  But here’s the other thing.  We have NEVER NOT had what we needed.


A few months ago I received a phone call about a young man who had just witnessed and kinda sorta caused the death of his best friend.  It is always a bad idea to rip off drug dealers and these two knuckleheads did just that.  When the “man” came to call and recoup his losses, he stuck a gun through the passenger window, this kid grabbed the barrel, the gun went off and the bullet hit the driver – his best and only friend in the world.  Dead.


Now this guy’s situation pulled at the heartstrings of the local DA and the police who showed up on the scene.  First responders did what they had to do and then they called an organization we partner with and said, “This kid needs treatment and it needs to be far far away.”


Cool.  This we could do because we have amazing treatment facilities who will provide scholarships for us as needed.  But what they couldn’t do was pay for his detox.  And he desperately needed detox.  I sent out an email and we had the funds plus extra by day’s end.  This kid is still in treatment, he’s doing well, and I know his Mama in heaven is rejoicing that a bunch of people did a little bit to make one very very big difference.  Of course, it could all go to hell in a handbasket tomorrow – thank God we don’t count on stuff!


Man, some days I dare to dream about what more financial stability would do for my uneven sleep habits and my tendency to do stuff on the cheap.  But this is not a bad life, trusting God to make all things right if we surrender to his will (on the rare occasions I can remember to practice that principle.)


What can I tell you?  This is the good life and I am deeply, deeply grateful to all who keep the lights running and the coffee hot but it isn’t easy.



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