Day 6

More on counting:  “Cultivating community allows for people to enter in ways they need to. Churches tend to count their membership by Sunday worship, but in community people can enter and engage in all kinds of creative ways. I always think of the Refuge community as people being connected over the course of a month in some way, shape or form. It’s so foreign to so many but so freeing, too.”


A while back Scott and I figured out that although we shed blood, sweat and tears weekly trying to craft a sermon with integrity and hopefully an applicable point or two, this labor intensive activity accidentally created an illusion (for us) that the weekend worship events were THE THING.  But they aren’t.


We have this weekly program for families who have loved ones suffering from Substance Use Disorders.  Every Thursday night people show up from near and far to hear the speaker du jour.  Last week they heard about addiction at the cellular level and I am not talking about a phone service.  Addiction shows up and effects individual cells, thereby changing a person’s body, which affects their mind and impacts their power of reasoning and even their ability to experience love, joy, surrender and God!  Who knew?  Well, folks who show up for these meetings learn this and more.  Five years in with this Family Education Program, I can see with my own two eyes the difference these meetings are making for those that attend regularly – ish.  It’s amazing.  And for them, it is THE THING.


There are many other THINGS that various people would say are the heartbeat of NSC.  And we quite love that.  It beats back our narcissistic tendencies – and that can only be a good thing – to acknowledge that NSC is not ONE THING.  It is many things to people who do not get counted but upon whom we have come to count on.


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