Day 11

Just a warning, these devotionals are going to start out looking like a feel-good story.  Then stuff is going to get real.  Buckle the seatbelt!


Step 5:  Admitted to God, to ourselves and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.


…story began on Day 3…


From yesterday:  This is one of life’s most central questions:  Are we willing to live in reality or will we settle for fantasy?  


The benefit to living in fantasy (as opposed to living in reality) is that it is simpler.  It’s not easier, per se, but it is simpler.  Why?  Because it implies that we are essentially coasting through life.  We’re not stopping to examine ourselves or to deal with the fallout of looking closely at the reality of what is.  There is no real work to be done outside of the work of strongly defending ourselves from all the threats to our sense of self.  Clearly, there will be no shortage of threats to our sense of self when our sense of self is built upon an incomplete vision of ourselves (or a completely false view of self).  


The downside to fantasy living is that true intimacy is impossible.  We will live at-odds with others, though to varying degrees.  With some, we’ll have low-level conflicts that stem from minor confusion over the difference between reality and fantasy.  With others, we’ll have major conflicts that end in broken relationship because true reconciliation, on a high level, is only possible when both parties are willing to live in reality.  


True spiritual growth, too, is impossible.  One might be able to fabricate experiences that feel good, or even exciting.  One may be able to learn new disciplines or spend long periods of time in prayer or meditation.  One may read all kinds of spiritual works.  But, if we aren’t willing to look deeply inside ourselves in the process and sit with what’s there, and confess it, then we’ve only increased spiritual behavior.  We have not grown.  We convince ourselves that we’ve grown and this brings comfort- but the comfort is as false as the spiritual growth because it only furthers our fantasy.  
We all have a choice:  fantasy or reality?  

Which will you choose today?


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