Day 2

…a summary continued…


  1. Make conscious time to remember who the God of your understanding is…and be willing to make corrections to your understanding as necessary.


  1.  As we work the steps, or practice any spiritual discipline, patiently proceed.  Reverently step.  Wait for hope to appear.


  1.  Not all chaos and calamity is our fault AND sometimes it is our responsibility.  Indeed, none of us has “got it all together”.  Self-reflection CAN feel like severe mercy.   Try not to make it harder than it has to be by getting help and support for ending any self-sabotaging habits AND realize that this work is hard, otherwise anyone would undertake it.  Instead of chafing under the load, consider the gifts your commitment to this process have begun to bring.


  1. Get a good support system of wise companions.


  1.  Transformational work is hard AND it is the bomb.


  1.  Trust the process.  It has worked for many.  It isn’t intuitive or natural or fun for most of us.  But it works.


  1.  When we work these steps thoroughly, it is almost impossible to avoid a more peaceful mind, heart and spirit as a by-product.


  1.  Location.  Location.  Location. We need solitude and…school supplies don’t hurt.

Finally, I end with the most important thought:  pray without ceasing, ask others to pray for you.  Only God can make old things new.


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