Day 28

…the Lord’s eyes scan the whole world to strengthen those who are committed to him with all their hearts.  2 Chronicles 16:9


Remember awhile back when I was harping on the need to continually seek a deepening understanding of God?  This verse might be helpful.


As a faith youngster, I was given the impression that God was ever-present which was intended to be comforting but it also held a hint of a threat.  It triggered in me this image of God lifting up his robes to get a better view in case he caught one of his kids acting up.


Not so says 2 Chronicles.  God is looking to strengthen us.


Yesterday I was working out and my teacher was challenging me to use heavier weights.  While I practiced walking carrying 100 pounds, she walked alongside me.  When my fingers finally gave out in sweaty exhaustion, she was right there to help me lower the kettle bells slowly to the ground, as opposed to dropping them on my feet.  I really like this instructor because she watches her students like a hawk, but in a good way.  Her intentions are always good – to keep our form correct so that we will avoid injury and get the most out of each exercise.  I appreciate her watchful gaze.
This is EXACTLY how God is; we can appreciate that image so long as it is the one we hold onto.  Today, do what it takes to increase your appreciation of the care and attention God gives to each of his kids.


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