Day 25

One of my favorite things to do is enjoy a meal with my children.  Today it was my two sons and me chowing down at one of our favorite local spots in Richmond, The Galley.  It started out like this.


“How you doing?”  Michael asks Scott.


“Pretty well, pretty well.” Scott replies.


“I find that response often means that one is not doing well.”  Michael says and glances toward Scott to gauge his response.


“Sounds about right,”  says Scott.  That was a real conversation killer.  But not the end of the love.  Next up, we talked about Scott’s writing project.  Then Michael shared a work story.  Everyone seemed fully engaged in the process.  Then this.


“Hey, I got _______ (some video game I know not of), what are you doing tonight?”  says Michael.


“I got group,” Scott answers.


“OK.”  Michael.


Later, walking out to the car after a tasty meal, Scott hollers, “I am free tomorrow night.  You?”


Maybe you aren’t up for doing a big old long inventory.  Maybe you don’t need it right now.  Maybe you are filling full to overflowing with abundance.  Maybe you’re not, which makes you well-equipped to pick up on the sufferings of others.  Not everything is solved by working the twelve.  But what I suspect everybody needs is a brother.  Don’t have one who fits your DNA?  No worries.  Some brothers are from other mothers, but they can serve the same purpose:  show up for us, offer a distraction, find some way to say, “I see you.  I care.”  Be a brother or sister today – whether it is giving or receiving doesn’t matter – we all need each other!


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