Day 22

All the ways of people are pure in their eyes, but the Lord tests the motives.  Psalm 16:2 CEB

An inventory can serve more purposes than getting honest about ourselves.  As a by-product, we are occasionally given the gift of renewed insight about others too.  This should NEVER be the focus of our concern but God works like this – giving us more than we asked. I am not surprised by my capacity for denial as it relates to myself; I have been shocked to discover that I have been in denial about certain “someones” as well.

Our inventories show us patterns of behavior that reveal particular defects of character in ourselves AND sometimes we see patterns of behavior that are the result of not telling ourselves the truth about a particular person. Maybe we have toxic people in our lives whose interactions with us highlight our own shortcomings.  I agree with Dr. Phil or whoever it was who said “when people teach you/tell you/show you who they are, believe them”.

Thing eleven:  Get a good support system of wise companions.  Pay attention to what others are teaching you about themselves.  This is not the time to be hanging out with people who do not have your best interests at heart.  This is also not the step to blame, shame, or obsess over other folks’ behavior (Sorry, there isn’t an appropriate step for that!!).  However, if we notice patterns that exacerbate our own issues, step away from the flames.


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