Day 21

But there’s one other thing I remember, and remembering, I keep a grip on hope: God’s loyal love couldn’t have run out,  his merciful love couldn’t have dried up. They’re created new every morning.     How great your faithfulness!                           I’m sticking with God (I say it over and over). He’s all I’ve got left.                             God proves to be good to the man who passionately waits, to the woman who diligently seeks.

It’s a good thing to quietly hope, quietly hope for help from God.                               It’s a good thing when you’re young     to stick it out through the hard times.           When life is heavy and hard to take, go off by yourself. Enter the silence.

Bow in prayer. Don’t ask questions:

   Wait for hope to appear. Don’t run from trouble. Take it full-face. The “worst” is never the worst. Why? Because the Master won’t ever  walk out and fail to return.  If he works severely, he also works tenderly.  His stockpiles of loyal love are immense. He takes no pleasure in making life hard,  in throwing roadblocks in the way…. Lamentations 3, selected verses

If he works severely, he also works tenderly.

Thing ten:  Not all chaos and calamity is our fault AND sometimes it is our responsibility.  Indeed, none of us has “got it all together” (cue Jill Phillips song by the same name if you need a gentle, loving reminder of this).  Self-reflection CAN feel like severe mercy.  The animal kingdom has plenty of examples illustrating that transformational change is not for sissies.  Butterflies don’t become themselves by spending time at the spa.  They work and labor and push and pull to morph from caterpillar to budding beauty.  Why would we expect our path to be gentle?  Try not to make it harder than it has to be by getting help and support for ending any self-sabotaging habits AND realize that this work is hard, otherwise anyone would undertake it.  Instead of chafing under the load, consider the gifts your commitment to this process have begun to bring.


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