Day 14

My awful worries keep growing. Rescue me from sadness.  Psalm 25:17 CEB


If you are using this devotional series to work a fourth step inventory, you’ve currently got several things to do:  1. Write as best you can a list of your strengths (aware that some of those traits may also show up as defects later on in the process),  2. Become more discerning about who we ask to help unpack our baggage…. 2.a. This means fact checking our understanding of God and 2.b. Make sure the folks who help you are reliable narrators, capable of holding your whole inventory in their heart without blame, shame or condemnation.  3.  Write as best you can a list of your fears, frustrations, resentments, anxieties and sexual history.  Whew.  That’s a lot.


Let me pause at this point and suggest that a thorough fourth step is not a timed event.  It is an experience.  However, noodling around with it has gotten plenty of people off-track and some people have even attributed a sluggish approach to the fourth step as being a relapse trigger.


I find a weird paradox at work.  Anxiety builds into a crescendo of debilitating angst as I when I drag my feet.  I’m a big fan of pausing to prepare.  It helps me respond rather than react.  But the truth is, sometimes I’m not pausing, I’m frozen.


Today, pick one thing to push yourself to DO that you are certain is yours to do.  For example, I am better able to handle tough truths when I’m eating my veggies and getting 10,000 steps in a day.  Even better?  Some strength training.  Absolutely essential?  A good night’s sleep.  On and on I can go with my list of what I’ve learned that helps me operate in an open-hearted way towards God, self and another human being.
Tomorrow, I’m going to dive into a discussion about what to do when nothing works.


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