Day 7

The psalmist trusts God to judge justly; he believes God possesses all the facts and whatever God decides, this guy admits is fair.  This sounds like a guy who has turned his will and the care of his life over to a higher power who he trusts.


You have all the facts before you;

   whatever you decide about me is fair. Psalm 51:4 MSG
Pause here for a few minutes and ask yourself:  can I trust God to treat me fairly?  How do I know that I trust him?  Do my actions show it?  Is there any evidence in my life that contradicts my belief that God treats me fairly?  What resentments am I holding onto?  What fears plague my sleep?  These items can be added to your inventory, which should include your resentments, frustrations, fears and deepest angsts, even your sexual history.  More can also be included.  For the most thorough description of a fourth step I know of, I highly recommend Mike O’Neill’s workbook “Power to Choose:  A Christ-centered book/workbook to help individuals access God’s power for making life-changing decisions over life-controlling problems”.  (I have a copy in my office if you want to take a peek at it.  You just need the capacity to come visit me!)


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