Day 6

What perspective does the psalmist seem to have as it relates to the God of his understanding?


You’re the One I’ve violated, and you’ve seen

   it all, seen the full extent of my evil. Psalm 51:4


The God of his understanding is powerful and perceptive and personal.  An offense on earth against another human evidently connects the offender’s offense back to his relationship with God.  The psalmist is able to see how his behavior in relationships affects his relationship with God.  I imagine this helps him not minimize his relational mis-steps.


God sees and knows stuff.  The offense is evil – not just a poor choice, but legitimately evil.  The implications of the wrongdoing are far-reaching – they have consequences – not the least of which is causing a disruption in the natural flow of good gifts that come from the Father to us which we then pass on and share with the world.  This flow of good from God through us into the world is disturbed when we violate something… The “something” may or may not be clear to us as we read this psalm – but the writer surely can name it.  He is not confused about his wrongdoing.  Neither is God.
So the God of his understanding is indeed powerful, perceptive and personal.  Is this how you would describe your understanding of God?


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