Day 1

Commandment six:  Do not murder.

Commandment seven:  Do not commit adultery.

Commandment eight:  Do not steal.


These seem like pretty obvious commands, right?


Notice how each of them limits the ways we can disrespect other people.  Treating others with respect is a huge big deal in the kingdom of God.  


I’ve had several friends lately talk to me specifically about adultery.  I had one friend say, “Hey, it wasn’t personal.  I love my wife.”


I had another say, “It really wasn’t that big of a deal, he never found out.”


And finally, this:  “He is a lousy husband; he deserved to be cheated on.”


I’ve had people justify stealing from their boss because they felt mistreated and under-valued.  


Murderers have explained the extenuating circumstances around their violent act.  
But the commandments are not about expediency, or revenge, or justice, or even being good.  They are parameters within which God tells us we live so that the community has the best chance of being reasonably safe and healthy.  These commandments aren’t designed to make us good or spoil our fun, they are here as a safeguard for the whole of society.


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