Day 31

Commandment five:  Honor your father and mother.


This is a very challenging commandment.  The scriptures promise that if we do so, it will help us live a long, full life in the land the Lord our God is giving us.  So I’m thinking that honoring your father and mother CANNOT POSSIBLY MEAN THAT WE STAY SILENT IN THE FACE OF NEGLECT OR ABUSE OF CHILDREN.  How does that increase the likelihood of a full, abundant life?  This cannot possibly mean that whatever our parental units say, goes.  It just cannot.  


Here’s another way to think about this commandment.  Lately I have had some personal experience thinking about what it means to honor a parent under difficult circumstances.  This one is very personal for me.  I’ve decided that for me, the best way I can honor my parent is to live in such a way that others might just say about me, “Boy, that girl was raised right.  Her parents must be very proud.”
So for me, obeying this commandment requires a continual search for what it means to be a decent human being and then a concerted effort to actually behave like one.  This is the best I can do right now.  How about you?    


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