Day 28

Commandment two:  Do not make idols of any kind; don’t bow down to others.


Again, does this sound like God is freaking out about his popularity poll numbers?  


What about this?  What if God knows that when we chase after false gods, look for love in all the wrong places, and bow to ANYTHING other than him (a God who wants to give not take), we are in danger?


If you read the twentieth chapter of Exodus, these commandments are written out much better with some fantastic commentary.  But in case you don’t get around to it today, this commandment has a serious warning attached.  He says that families, future generations, are impacted by the choices we make today.


It matters how we live; we count; we make a difference.
A child might find these kinds of laws restrictive but as an adult, we can appreciate how learning life lessons and living with certain limitations is the way entire communities are kept safer and invite thriving instead of the suffering that inevitably comes when we lose our place in God’s story.


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