Day 20

Coates is talking about a tiny point in history filled with suffering but another pastor (whose name I cannot remember but words remain emblazoned on my cortex) says this in Wear’s book hearkening back to the oppressive time period of slavery:  “Hope is not an abstraction or escapist fantasy but the only real asset the oppressed have.”  


I am confident in saying that Coates might reply, “Well, that sucks.”


And it does.  


Hope is one of those things that is given to us as a gift, as a virtue of being human.  People have many things they hope for – even those who do not profess belief in Jesus.  We don’t have to believe in God to have hope because God gives good and perfect gifts to all, not just as a reward for loyalty to his brand.


And even the hope of those who do not believe can be used for bending the arch towards justice should they choose to hope in things bigger than their own personal advancement.


Today, think about the things you put your hope in.  Take a hard look at where these best hopes get you.  IF despair is at the end of your potentially dashed hopes, maybe re-evaluate your position.  
Because to reclaim hope, we must think beyond the light and momentary chaos of a pinpoint time in history that we happen to occupy.  The real question is, are you bending toward justice and are your DOINGS matching your BELIEVING?


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