Day 12

Yesterday I asked how we were doing in the area of obedience.  What a loaded word!  For me, my mind automatically leaps to times when I was required to obey a person who abused their authority.  I am skittish around this word even as it applies to obedience to God because we have examples in history when we have been told that obedience to God looked a certain way, only to find out we were wrong.  Slavery comes to mind.  Many good Christian people once thought slavery was ok.  There are many such examples. In today’s charged political climate and cultural unrest good Christians are still wrestling with what it looks like to obey God and live faithfully in their political system.  In case you haven’t noticed, good Christian people are coming to all sorts of different and opposing positions.  


Once I found the following quote, obedience has taken on a whole new meaning for me.  Here it is.  “Obedience is not springing to attention and hastily doing what you’re ordered.  Obedience is a harmony of response to God so that God sees in the world a reflection of his own life.  Our actions in obedience reflect his.” (p.32 The Sign and the



Sacrifice is a gift.  


My daughter believes that when her baby is sick and I stay home from work to care for him (because it happens to be a day when both she and her husband had really tough work schedules to rearrange) she calls that a sacrifice on my part.


I call it a gift.  I suppose there are elements of sacrifice, but more than anything, I feel God’s pleasure when I hold and feed and change and make silly Mimi songs up for this little bundle of joy.  I sense that this is a harmonic response to God, this willingness to be flexible and set aside my agenda for this sick little guy.  


Sacrifice is not always unpleasant, but we don’t usually know that until we’ve actually practiced sacrificing.  
How do you think we are all doing in the area of sacrifice?  Are there ways that you are harmonizing with God through sacrifice?  Remember – many sacrifices are great gifts, and perhaps haven’t felt like you are actually sacrificing a thing!!


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