Day 6

Williams says that the cross is a sign of freedom; it is a symbol of the love of God.  There is not one thing one person can do anytime to coerce, trick, or manipulate God into acting in a way that is inconsistent with his character. God is love.  You cannot make him change his mind.


God is exactly who he says he is – and it is not dependent on his mood or our capacity to understand and appreciate who he is.  We are impotent to change God’s mind about God.  God doesn’t get on his last nerve with us and reach out with an impulsive smack of the hand across our backside.  


Surrounded by injustice in the news and in my community I continue to forget that justice isn’t always the obvious top priority of God.  When I demand justice, I am moving away from the very heart of God himself.  This is never a good move on my part.  The consequences of this unconscious uncoupling are uncomfortable.  My stress increases, my physical well-being decreases, my sense of security is shattered…on and on and on.  It turns out, I am a woman in need of a symbol, a tangible reminder of this God who will not be swayed from his position of love.  Like any decent sign, it provides direction and it turns out the cross is indeed that symbol.


Now, I can stick with the gavel and lead with that as my core value.  But at that point, I am serving as the god of my own understanding.  I am not serving the God of the cross.  How about your?  What is the best symbol of your core values?  Remember – our responsibility is to live out of our values, so be prepared to do so!
To be continued…


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