Day 16

8 God said, “Truly, they are my people,

   children who won’t do what is wrong.”

   God became their savior.

9 During all their distress, God also was distressed,

   so a messenger who served him saved them.

In love and mercy God redeemed them,

   lifting and carrying them throughout earlier times.  Isaiah 63:8-9, CEB


Starting on Day 11, we’re discussing why the way we talk about salvation matters for people in recovery.  


Salvation isn’t just something that happens in the future.  It’s what happens any time we notice that we’ve received some sort of gift from God, whether that gift is support, forgiveness, love, sobriety, hope, healing, etc.  


Yet, I know many who will say that they didn’t receive the salvation they asked for.  This is one of many difficulties that comes with a life of faith.  There are certain kinds of salvation we are certain that we need that we don’t receive.  How do we explain this?  


I think it’s important that we don’t explain it.  We don’t explain it because that’s part of the discipline of being submitted to God.  We don’t make excuses for him nor do we assume we know the reasons for his choices.  But, at the same time, we also don’t ignore it.  When we’ve been deeply wounded because of a hole in our lives we don’t have to kid ourselves into thinking that we need to be happy about that.  The absence of salvation in an area is something to be grieved, mourned.  And, as we’ve discussed many times, Old Testament writers don’t hesitate to grieve and mourn to God about God.  
If I may be so bold as to make a recommendation, if you are deeply wounded by God’s lack of action, or lack or presence in your life, please don’t give up.  Take those things honestly to him and to the community.  Let people surround you with support and love so that you may at least receive one kind of salvation in the absence of another.  There are no consolation prizes, but the love and support of a community can go a long way towards healing.  


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