Day 12

Starting on Day 11, we’re discussing why the way we talk about salvation matters for people in recovery.  


From yesterday:  “When you need God’s help right now then talk of the afterlife can seem like a cheap consolation prize.


What can we do about this?”


How do we talk about salvation in a way that is more meaningful for people who have a wide variety of problems?  


We have a few options.  I don’t think the answer is talking about the afterlife more, or even finding a better way to talk about the afterlife.  I do think that the way salvation typically gets talked about in faith circles is very small, and narrow.  The Bible offers us a very wide view of salvation if we’re willing to expand our search beyond just the familiarly quoted passages.  In fact, this is why I resist telling people to memorize and quote scripture- we end up getting stuck with just a handful of ideas on repeat.  Reading and openness to new and different spiritual realities is a better use of time!


To give away the ending, salvation has never been just about the afterlife.  In fact, while the Old Testament talks a lot about salvation it rarely talks about life after death.  This means that God’s people have always expected that God would show up and be actively at work in their lives today, in the here and now.  God does not always meet our expectations or timelines, but he’s always been invested in delivering his people from the hardship that occurs in everyday life.  
Can we start incorporating this idea into our talk about salvation?  Absolutely.  Starting tomorrow.  


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