Day 24

Scott has a saying that goes like this, “You tend to find what you go looking for.”  This is pretty profound stuff and serves as both a warning I and a promise.  I appreciate observing the many and varied ways we all respond to the same event.  

Our oldest child, Meredith, has always been excellent at risk assessment.  She is not averse to taking risks.  But she assesses and chooses judiciously.  Scott spends a great deal of time observing life; this quiet, reflective approach has helped him go to school off of other’s mistakes at times.  Michael, our youngest, is the kid that was always willing to go on the scariest rides at Water Country with his older siblings without hesitation.  I remember one summer him flying out of a yellow tube, hurled through the air with the force of the water propelling him into the air and yelling “Cowabunga” has he crashed in a pool of water.  The kid could barely swim.  These various frames of reference affect the way my kids remember and tell stories of their childhood.  We’re all like this.  In order to help us all move forward, I’d suggest we each make lists of what we usually go looking for in life.  I’ve included a sample list to get you thinking.  Feel free to add to the list!

  • Do you look for what’s wrong?
  • Do you look for what’s missing?
  • Do you look for how to help?
  • Do you look for the next big win?
  • Do you look for what is unique and special?
  • Do you look for more information?
  • Do you look for danger?
  • Do you look for the next new, exciting adventure?
  • Do you look for who needs protecting?
  • Do you look for a quiet place to go off and take a quick nap without interruption?
  • Do you expect to be cheated on?
  • Do you expect to enjoy life?
  • Do you expect to be ignored? Disappointed? hurt?
  • Do you expect to be embarrassed by your performance?
  • Do you expect people to like you?  Hate you?  Adore you?

It will help if you can wake up to various things you go looking for in life.


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