Day 21

Don’t be deceived, bad company corrupts good character. 1 Corinthians 15:33 CEB

Define bad company.  That’s a loaded statement.  Ever heard the phrase, “Don’t smoke; don’t drink; don’t chew – and don’t go with girls that do?” Coined in the mid to late 19th century, this catchy phrase was intended to improve the moral fiber of the culture.  It seems that history teaches that every generation has its own opinions and anxieties about character.  Depending on where you hang out, the definition changes.

Jesus himself was accused of hanging out with bad company.  Tax collectors.  Sinners.  Women of ill repute.  Samaritans for heavens’ sake!  Jesus was criticized for his friend choices.

It is universally accepted that people who want to recover their lives might have to adjust their friend group.  Are there any relationships that might hold you back from living life better in 2017?  I’m going to unpack some relationship conundrums in the days ahead.

For today, recall your intentions for change.  Make adjustments as needed.  Find ways to remind yourself daily of one thing you actively, consciously, want to DO differently because of your inspired way of seeing and your created way of being.  

Tomorrow.  Relationship woes.


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