Day 15

I said at the beginning of this devotional series that my goal in writing was to offer a bit of support and encouragement to those who are taking this fresh start and new year to consider how they might want this year to look differently than the past year.  2016 was not a great year for many of us.  We are hoping for a better 2017.  Can you relate?

Remember that commitment you started the year off with?  

Just for today, I am going to practice DOING this one different thing:  _______________________________________________________.

It’s been two weeks for those of us who are following this suggestion.  Today I want to offer you the opportunity to amend your statement.  What have you discovered about your DOING and desire to NOT DO?  Are you onto something with this practice?  Is it helpful?  Is this a core issue that desperately needs addressing?  Are you beginning to wonder if it Is more a symptom of a deeper problem or suffering than the root issue?

Sometimes figuring out how to tackle our  bad habits is so complicated!  

For today, imagine yourself on a ski slope flying down the mountain with great speed and agility.  You’re enjoying the experience but you know that you are on the edge of potential disaster.  One wrong move and you might end of careening off the slope and injuring yourself.  You’ve skied long enough to know that there are certain habits, skiing practices, that make for a good run or a big fall.  You are practicing the best you know how to put all that knowledge into a good run.  

Now, back to today.  Try to think of your daily life as having some things in common with a wild ride on skis. Think of your DOING project as a skill set that helps you move forward and enjoy the ride.  Are there any adjustments you want to make to your commitment?

Just for today,  in keeping with my inspired way of seeing and being in this world, I commit to DOING this one thing:  _______________________________________


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