Day 22

More suggestions for beating   back the holiday blues…

  1. Go do something nice for someone else, expecting nothing in return.  
  1. Avoid excessive exposure to triggers when possible, but don’t lie about the fact that you are avoiding stuff.  Tell yourself the truth.  I had a funeral I would have liked to attend as a matter of love and respect for the family but it was immediately after my mom’s passing and I didn’t think I could sit quietly and show up.  I told the truth about this; it didn’t make me happy to admit it; I will continue to use it for motivation to participate in the grieving process so that I can heal over time but it was necessary on that day to make that choice.  
  1. Take care of yourself but avoid indulging in isolation.  Ask for help as part of self-care.

I hope this helps those of us who are struggling this holiday season. Tomorrow, we return to the unfolding of the birth of Jesus.


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