Day 10

As we prepare for Christmas by walking through the scriptures, we must pause at Moses.  Moses was born during a time of oppression; the Pharaoh was trying to control the Israelite population.  Newborn sons were being slaughtered.  Moses was saved and adopted by the Pharaoh’s daughter.  Convenient for Moses, but still a very difficult time for all those families who were losing their babies.

Exodus 12 tells the story and it is messy. As you continue reading about the life and times of Moses – the Israelite  male raised as a son in the home of  his people’s oppressor,.  Moses predictably misbehaves and suffers consequences.  But he also is chosen by God to save his people from oppression.  

Moses was a leader that bore the weight of expectation of the people who fled Egypt and moved toward the Promised Land.  The chaos and confusion, the complaining and misbehaving continues as God’s people struggle to trust and follow Him.

Gosh, if it was true for these folks, why wouldn’t it also be true for us?

Can we challenge each other to look beyond expectations of self and others, assume that we’re all kind of a hot mess, and seek God in our story?

This attitude might change our experience with Christmas.  


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