Day 1

Every year we are granted in our community the great gift of the Behold the Lamb of God Concert….An Advent Narrative experience.  This month, we will focus on devotionals that accompany this theme.  If you’re interested, grab a copy of the cd by Andrew Peterson and friends and/or grab a copy of Behold the Lamb of God book written by Russ Ramsey.  Or read the devotionals…whatever delights you!

Gather round, ye children, come

Listen to the old, old story

Of the power of death undone

By an infant born of glory

Son of God

Son of man

Life changes when a grandchild is gifted to one’s family.  We received ours on August 16, 2016.  As he was waking up outside the womb, mom was having her own transition experience moving into the next life.  My husband, Pete, and I sat in the waiting room, eager to see our grandson’s tiny face and what we would soon discover were long, long fingers and toes.  After mommy/daddy bonding time, my son-in-love beckoned us back.  I will never forget the moment when I saw my daughter as a mother for the first time.  Transformed hardly does the experience justice as a descriptor.  And the baby was pretty cute too!

Our baby was getting all cleaned up in the nursery, so I did what any self-respecting MeMe would do and stood guard over him as the nurse performed her duties with tender care.  It didn’t take long but having waited for this moment (without realizing it) for sixty years, it seemed like days.  Finally.  He was in my arms, all snuggled down and perfect.

At that precise moment, my brother called and updated me on Mom’s labored breathing and what appeared to be her final hours.  With permission, I unswaddled baby Christian and he began to protest.  I held the receiver of the phone to his mewling lips as Tim held his phone up to my mother’s ear.  “Ohhhhhhhh,” she said.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhh.”

I personally think all infants are born of glory and my mother certainly agreed, even in her own final hours I heard her heart respond to this crying infant; he was worth celebrating.  Today, as a devoted Meme, the infant born of glory, son of God and son of Man Jesus has fresh and renewed significance for me.  My grandson has begun life on planet earth and I pray that he finds it habitable.


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