Day 30

Some of the redeemed were fools because of their sinful ways.

   They suffered because of their wickedness.

18 They had absolutely no appetite for food;

   they had arrived at death’s gates.

19 So they cried out to the Lord in their distress,

   and God saved them from their desperate circumstances.

20 God gave the order and healed them;

   he rescued them from their pit.

21 Let them thank the Lord for his faithful love

   and his wondrous works for all people.

22 Let them offer thanksgiving sacrifices

   and declare what God has done in songs of joy!  Psalm 107:17-22, CEB

I’m in a strange place in my faith right now.  I’m uneasy, unsettled.  I remember being in a similar space in college and talking to a campus ministry leader about it.  He told I probably just had unconfessed sin in my life.  Was that true?  Probably.  Is that the only reason we get uneasy in our faith?  Of course not.  Life is not so simple.  God is not so simple.  

Prayers like Psalm 107 almost make me laugh out loud when I think about the fact that we so often boil things down to “unconfessed sin”.  This chapter shows a repeated cycle of people turning away from God, crying out to God, and then being saved by God.  

What a weird God!  The pattern doesn’t go:  People turn away from God, cry out to God, then get abandoned by God.  No, God seems content to allow people to drift and then to assert his presence when it is needed.  He seems to know that we can’t quite stick to the path and that there will be times where he has to do more work in the relationships than we’re willing to do.  

Is that always the case?  Again, probably not.  Things never work just one way.  But isn’t it interesting that God is so compassionate that he will, at times, respond to the cries of his people and save them even when they least deserve it?

What a weird God.


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