Day 24

But you, Israel my servant,

   Jacob, whom I have chosen,

   offspring of Abraham, whom I love,

9     you whom I took from the ends of the earth

       and called from its farthest corners,

   saying to you, “You are my servant;

   I chose you and didn’t reject you”:

10     Don’t fear, because I am with you;

   don’t be afraid, for I am your God.

   I will strengthen you,

   I will surely help you;

   I will hold you

   with my righteous strong hand.  Isaiah 41:8-10, CEB

From yesterday:  Does God’s presence among us mean we will never experience fear?  Of course not.  But, when we find his presence in community, our community can shape our way of seeing so that we have an alternative to overreacting to our fears.  

What is this alternative?  

I think the answer is simple but difficult.  It’s a life together where we remind each other of both who God is and where God is while we hold each other accountable to living out our certain way of seeing.  Our certain way of seeing pushes us away from over-reactive fear impulses and towards graceful, peaceful ways of being and living.  It’s not easy to stick to this path on our own.  We need each other in order to keep us on this path.  

Do you have this kind of accountability?  

Do you want it?


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