Day 9

Yesterday I mentioned about how encouraged and lucky I am to live in a community where many people work the 12-steps and have a process for dealing with their shortcomings.  No one does it perfectly of course, but by golly, people try, and that’s quite lovely in and of itself.

The next question that comes to my mind, and one we wrestle with as a community quite often is this:  what is a wrong?  Because, as you no doubt have noticed, the world tells us lots of conflicting things about right versus wrong behaviors.  

If I relied on my twitter feed to inform me, I’d be pretty freaked out.  Last month there was that scandal with Trump’s videotape from 2005 followed by a rush of women stepping forward to say, “He did that to me.”  Trump supporters countered with a #repeal19 campaign.  You know what that is?  It is the amendment to the constitution of the U.S. that gives women the right to vote.  Just sit and think about how bad it has gotten when any person wants to take the rights and responsibilities away from a particular group of people.  Just think about that.  Sit with it.  Feel it in your gut.  Listen to your heart.  

If you are attending NSC, you know that this is exactly what Scott has been preaching, nagging and generally obsessed with sharing about for weeks – scapegoating.  It is when we try to push people “out” in order to temporarily make us feel more comfortable.  Look, these are uncomfortable times – but they will not get more comfortable by doing what we have always done – trying to find someone to scapegoat and blame.  

How can we figure out what is really the “wrong” that needs to be addressed?  You  know what I’m going to say – let’s go to the scriptures and see how we might be inspired to see differently and maybe pick up some discernment along the way.

To be continued…


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