Day 20

I’m continuing a story that has been building up for a while.  Get caught up before reading today’s blog post.


From yesterday:  When our group was having problems I certainly didn’t see myself as a person taking action against another person.  I saw myself, as most of the group did, as a victim.  Thus, we’re victims, and so he needs to go.  Even if I was aware of the Scapegoat Mechanism I couldn’t have applied it because I was a victim!  


What do we do about this scenario?


Knowledge of the situation and the relational dynamic only takes us so far.  So…how do we bridge the gap?  How do we become aware of what we’re doing?  


The sad truth is, God must somehow act upon us or within us.  Something must happen from within that opens our eyes to the reality of who we are and what we’re capable of.  It is not something that can simply be learned.  It’s not just an idea to be taught.  It is a profoundly spiritual reality and it is only God’s spirit that can make us aware of our desire to compete with and conspire against other people in such destructive and isolating ways.  


The spirit’s work, again, is not to simply teach us ideas.  But to transform us from within in such a way that we can no longer see ourselves and our lives as simply victims of other people’s choices and bad behaving (remember:  if you are a victim of abuse or trauma we will need to have many follow-up conversations about this topic.  That is a far more delicate issue than most of the harms we cause in our communities).  It is only God’s spirit that opens our eyes to the fact that we’re capable of causing harm and that we’re not merely people who get harmed by others.  


Tomorrow I’ll share my “conversion” story on this particular topic.  


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