Day 20

“We have probably wondered in our many lonesome moments if there is one corner in this competitive, demanding world where it is safe to be relaxed, to expose ourselves to someone else, and to give unconditionally. It might be very small and hidden, but if this corner exists, it calls for a search through the complexities of our human relationships in order to find it.”

Henri J.M. Nouwen


I have been called naive.  It isn’t the worst name I’ve been called, but perhaps it is the one I love the most.  Folks tell me sometimes about how hard it is to be a decent human being in the world.  They say it is eat or be eaten.  Someone once quoted this to me, “God helps those who help themselves.”  It was a good conversation, and no offense was intended.  But it shows a way of thinking that permeates our society.


The bible does NOT say that God helps those who help themselves.  In fact, the bible says just the opposite.  The bible says things like the meek shall inherit the earth, when we are weak then he is strong, that God cares for the widows and orphans.  


Our American CULTURE tells us that we must help ourselves – and that works fine for many.  But for others who cannot help themselves, I think we need to listen to the scriptures.  If you have friendships based on quid pro quo, I would invite you to consider either getting different friends, or becoming a different kind of friend yourself.  


Because this dog-eat-dog world is not working for us.  It isn’t creating safety.  It isn’t building others up (another biblical concept).  Join me in my naivete and let’s see if we can offer folks a safer place to be known and to know us.



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