June 18

With our home under renovation, our temporary digs are in a different section of town than where we normally hang out. It is much cooler than our suburban neighborhood – although I love my uncool neighborhood very much. I’ve committed to experiencing this new environment to the fullest for the two months I will be living in the city. Yesterday, my day off, I walked the city street grid, taking in the beauty of “the Fan” as it is called. I found a coffee shop near my temporary home and returned there late afternoon for an iced coffee and a lovely vintage wooden table to spread my study materials on. I read my daily scriptures, journaled, read and took notes on a couple other devotionals and one rather tough book. I was filled with joy and contentment.


Until the stranger sat in front of me. He explained that he recognized me from a television program I used to host. (I learned years ago that people who see me on television believe that I see them through their screens. This, for the record, is not true.) When he approached my table, sat down and began to talk, I was startled but not surprised. Bottom line, he was looking for a way to confess and I heard his confession with as much patience as I could muster for a stranger who was interrupting my day off and my favorite activity.


In summary, this is a guy who believes in God while breaking every commandment, strongly worded recommendation and even vague references to holiness found in the scriptures during the midst of a ten year run in active sexual addiction. He is trying to understand what all this means. I could not help him very much with his presenting dilemma, but with a bit more conversation, I think we made some progress.


Today, I ask you to consider how you make sense of the times when what you believe and how you behave are at odds. What do you do in those situations? Tomorrow, we’ll consider this further.










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