Day 21

Every person should place themselves under the authority of the government. There isn’t any authority unless it comes from God, and the authorities that are there have been put in place by God. So anyone who opposes the authority is standing against what God has established. People who take this kind of stand will get punished. The authorities don’t frighten people who are doing the right thing. Rather, they frighten people who are doing wrong. Would you rather not be afraid of authority? Do what’s right, and you will receive its approval. It is God’s servant given for your benefit. But if you do what’s wrong, be afraid because it doesn’t have weapons to enforce the law for nothing. It is God’s servant put in place to carry out his punishment on those who do what is wrong. That is why it is necessary to place yourself under the government’s authority, not only to avoid God’s punishment but also for the sake of your conscience. You should also pay taxes for the same reason, because the authorities are God’s assistants, concerned with this very thing. So pay everyone what you owe them. Pay the taxes you owe, pay the duties you are charged, give respect to those you should respect, and honor those you should honor. Romans 13:1-7, CEB


In closing these few days on politics, I want to remind us all to breathe. This is all going to be alright. Our lives will continue. The types of changes that can happen to our lives are ultimately minor in the grand scheme of things. Does anybody remember how drastically their life changed 2 elections ago? 4 elections ago? 8 elections ago? We’ve gone through up’s and down’s over that time period, and we can probably point at some specific candidates and talk about why they created the up’s or down’s, but we’re, in all likelihood, not talking about anything earth shattering. It always feels earth shattering at the time though.


More importantly, though, the person in office cannot get in the way of our ability to live in accordance with our certain way of seeing. We often let political discussions get in our way of living out our way of seeing, but we’re responsible for that and no one else. So, you know, breathe. Things are going to be alright. Don’t fight with your coworkers, family members, or friends over this stuff. Discuss, don’t fight. It’s not worth it. It’s really not worth it.


People often tell me that they don’t think they have enough opportunities to live out their faith. They usually mean they want more service opportunities. Faith isn’t just about service. Faith is about living out common core values of mercy, grace, forgiveness, and love. Here’s your opportunity. In the mean time, please breathe.




One thought on “Day 21

  1. One can always plan to shake hands at their precinct on election day. For either party- just welcome people by being cordial and telling them thank you for voting.

    I started this 9 years ago, and now i know many more of my community- and folks if all parties.

    It is very energizing to the community and they express that.

    I find it is a fix for voter apathy. As i now believe so much now in this basic right.

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