Day 10

But the Lord says,     “Because the poor are oppressed,     because of the groans of the needy,     I’m now standing up.     I will provide the help they are gasping for. Psalm 12:5 CEB

What makes you gasp?

When my husband received a frightening result on a medical test, I gasped.

When my daughter received (that same week) a surprising and frightening result on a medical test, I gasped.

When my son the pastor gets his heart broken trying to live a big hearted life, I gasp.

When my son the artist is discouraged and wonders if he is spitting into the wind, I gasp.

I gasped a couple of weeks ago when my friend started having back spasms one night at church.

I gasped after reading my dad’s latest update on my mom’s health condition.

When someone I love leaves treatment early or gets the boot for one reason or another, I gasp.

I gasped when I heard the latest toll of opiate OD’s this week in our community.

What makes you gasp?

Once upon a time I thought gasping was a sign of faithless living. I believed that “good” Christians didn’t gasp – they trusted God and sang Hallelujah. And maybe that is true for some folks, but it wasn’t true for the psalmist and it isn’t true for me and isn’t doesn’t have to be true for you.

However you are experiencing life and God today, it’s okay to tell the truth about your experience. Chances are, others can relate.




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