Day 4

My God! My God,     why have you left me all alone?     Why are you so far from saving me—         so far from my anguished groans? My God, I cry out during the day,     but you don’t answer;     even at nighttime I don’t stop. Psalm 22:1-2 CEB

When I am really freaking out (this happens frequently), I have difficulty figuring out what to say to God. Often I turn to the scriptures, particularly the psalms and read them aloud as a prayer. This is one of my favorites because it is exactly how I feel when I’m fretting over a suffering that knocks me to my knees.

Evidently, it is ok to talk this frankly with God. And it doesn’t make us faithless people to acknowledge that we feel alone. It seems like groaning and crying out is acceptable for a person who believes in God.

I know a person who recently lost her son in an extremely public and tragic way. She tells me that her grief is beyond words or comprehension. I cannot understand her suffering, but I can find in the scriptures words that match how I imagine she might be suffering.

I can pray like this…. My God! My God, I know my friend feels as if she has been left all alone. I suspect she wonders why you were so far away when her boy needed saving, and now far from her anguished groans. My God, she is crying out and she cannot hear your voice, she gets no relief even in sleep. Find a way to meet her in her sorrow, Lord. Amen

And then, because I had that prayer as a reference point, it makes me think: what small thing might I do to reach out and touch my friend? An email? A card? What? What small thing?

The psalms help us find words for our own experience, and perhaps empathy for the experiences of others.

I love the way the bible keeps reminding us that God has not required that his people be perpetually perky. So grateful for that.

Check out the psalms if you are without words, you may find some that suit your situation.


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