Day 29

In John 19, Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea join together to bury Jesus.  Nicodemus honored Jesus in the light of day.  It may have been extremely difficult for Nicodemus to make this move.  But nevertheless, he did an honorable thing.

I note also that Joseph of Arimathea was with him.  And that seems about right to me.  I am never as strong as when I am in good company.  I think about all the challenges that ministry provides, and I get up every morning eager to see what the day will bring.  It was not always this way for me.  But with Scott on board as our Ass. Pastor, as we affectionately call him, I find that even the most challenging days are a gift.

Are you a Nicodemus?  Aren’t we all?  But here’s the thing that is so lovely, this month we have learned that mistakes are part of being human, and God isn’t seeking to punish us for our sins.  We can grow and learn from the past without fear of shackles binding us to it.

I pray that this month has found you steadfast in your commitments.  And on those days when you have wavered, I pray that you are encouraged by the likes of Nicodemus.  He didn’t get it perfect, but he sure was present when needed.


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