Day 24

If as I suggested yesterday God is still at work, have you ever considered what work he might do with and in and through you?

I’m so easily distracted by other people.  I pray for health of one I love, change for another friend in need of recovery, rescue for the cold and hungry in my city on this dark, frigid day.

I also think about what needs changing in me. I value taking personal responsibility for my shortcomings.  I see problems in myself and make efforts to change.

But have I taken the time to think about the fact that God is STILL working?

Jesus replied, “My Father is still working, and I am working too.” John 5:17 CEB

Is it possible that I have gotten it backwards?  Perhaps taken too much responsibility on in some ways, but been irresponsible in other areas?

What difference does it make if I take the time to remind myself that God is still working?  Why does this matter?  Because knowing and doing the will of God is NOT about figuring out a bunch of rules to live by.  It is about choosing a relationship with a God who is still at work.  And that means it is ok, even beautiful, that we continue to be works in progress.  We do not have to feel ashamed of our mistakes.  We find encouragement that God is still at work.

Will knowing this calm my anxious heart?

Will it allow me to step back from the ledge of codependency and do something different?

For today, maybe we could remember that God is still working, and consider how our behavior might change if we seek to apply this belief to our daily living.


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