Day 1

18 All of these new things are from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ and who gave us the ministry of reconciliation. 19 In other words, God was reconciling the world to himself through Christ, by not counting people’s sins against them. He has trusted us with this message of reconciliation.  2 Corinthians 5:18-19, CEB


Part of what I do with the devotionals is try to explore or unpack things that I personally am wrestling with.  One of the age-old back-and-forths I see still getting tossed about in faith communities is the following question:  


What matters more:  right believing or right living?  


This question, I think, causes conflict not just in faith communities but in recovery communities as well (I’ll address the recovery side of this in days to come – so sit tight).  Recently, a professor at Wheaton got fired for saying she thought that Christians and Muslims both worship the same God.  A firestorm erupted on both sides.  Some people said, “Of course we worship the same God, she shouldn’t be fired!”  Others screamed, “She absolutely deserved to be fired because her beliefs are wrong.”


Both sides of this debate are lashing out at each other because they think the issue here is one of “correct belief”.  Whether a person thinks she should be fired, or shouldn’t be fired, each person in the debate has an idea of what the “correct belief” is and want others to share that “correct” belief.  


Why might this be a problematic way of addressing issues?  
…to be continued…


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