Day 15

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”  Oscar Wilde

Who are you anyway?

Take some time and think about this, asking God to reveal thoughts, feelings and deeds that are more imitative then genuine.  Here’s an example.  For years and years I thought I SHOULD want a neat home, because this is what my mother modeled for me.  Then I went through some rebellious years when I thought having a neat home is indicative of a mis-spent life.  Finally, I’ve started to consider what I really think about how I want to live.  Do I want my home spotless?  If yes, and there is nothing wrong with that choice by the way, then I have to behave as if this is my core value.  I need to make time to dust and vacuum and clean out my junk drawers.  Am I okay with a reasonably clean household?  Then I need to accept that as the standard and not get frustrated when I have to rush off to a meeting and end up leaving dirty dishes in the sink.  Or let’s be honest, on the counter.  Or in the den.  Or maybe even on my bed.  


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